"'Buy American' is never going out of vogue"
Swiftmile CEO

June, 17, 2019- Swiftmile CEO Colin Roche on how the company's docking stations help combat scooters on sidewalk.

Swiftmile Launching with BVG: Berlins Metro

Swiftmile lauches in Berlins at BVG's new mobility hubs.

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Berliner Senat erwartet mehrere Tausend Elektro-Tretroller in der Stadt

The CEO of the start-up Swiftmileproudly announces its new charging station for eight e-scooters. "You know what was going on in San Francisco," he reminds of the chaos as the scooter wave sloshed into the US city a year ago and thousands of scooters clogged the streets.

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E-scooter company Spin will place dozens of start-up’s solar-powered docking stations in two cities this summer

Electric scooters have posed a problem outside many storefronts and heavily trafficked buildings since they began appearing in dozens of cities across the country last year. Unevenly parked and prone to tipping over, the devices clutter entrances, turn off potential customers and give off a general whiff of unnecessary chaos. Now two U.S. cities, Washington and Ann Arbor, Mich., have agreed to move forward with a 60-day pilot program that is being billed as a way to bring order to that chaos.

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Scooters are littering sidewalks and injuring pedestrians. Can this startup bring order to the chaos?

They lean against bike racks, block entrances, crowd street corners and tip onto their sides, turning a convenient form of transportation into a sidewalk hazard that is particularly dangerous for the elderly and disabled. Now a California startup is pitching cities on a possible solution for reigning in the chaos unleashed by electric scooters in cities around the country. That company, known as Swiftmile, has unveiled unattended charging stations for e-scooters that are designed to serve as a place where riders can dock the devices between rides. The company’s founder, Colin Roche, 47, said the solar-powered charging stations — which can accommodate any brand of e-scooter — are ideal for the kind of pedestrian-congested areas where the devices are often discarded, such as bus and subway stations.

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Swiftmile at SXSW

Swiftmile showing off at SXSW.


Scooters have taken over South By Southwest

Uber, Lyft and a bevy of other electric scooter companies have been the stars of the 2019 South by Southwest conference with thousands of scooters whizzing around Austin, Texas.

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The Hot New Thing in Dockless Electric Scooters: Docks

To understand the promise and peril of dockless scooters, look at Austin, Texas. This week, at least 9,000 of the zippy rentables are scattered on the capital city’s streets during this year’s South by Southwest festival. Nine different operators are vending cheap car-free transportation for the roughly 200,000 festivalgoers that have descended upon the city. That might be great in theory, but mixed with big crowds, car traffic, a general lack of bike lanes, and a ton of free booze, the reality is cluttered sidewalks, tripping pedestrians, and some brutal scooter crashes.

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Startup Aims to Bring Safety to the Scooter Industry

ELECTRIC SCOOTERS HAVE become a major method of transportation in cities around the country over the past few years, providing an inexpensive and eco-friendly travel alternative. Most electric scooters to date have been essentially dockless, meaning users often haphazardly leave them lying in the middle of the sidewalk, causing headaches for pedestrians and safety concerns. Now a California-based startup called Swiftmile wants to help cities control the scooter industry by installing parking stations, where docks also serve as charging stations.

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Swiftmile is pitching cities its solution for cleaning up the scooter-filled streets

Since e-scoots were dumped on the streets at the end of 2017, they’ve been a driving example of exactly why humans can’t have nice things. Riders continue to scatter them all across sidewalks, parks, and lake beds, making what could be a convenient form of transportation, into potential pedestrian death zones. Now, the Washington Post reports that the California startup Swiftmile is working on a possible solution to curb the chaos by electric scooters around the country, and it’s a fairly obvious one.

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Demonstration of the Swiftmile Parking and Charging System for shared electric scooters

Swiftmile Unveils World's First Charging
and Parking Platform for Dockless Scooters

Swiftmile, a pioneer in light electric vehicle (LEV) charging systems, today unveiled the Oasis, the world's first solar-powered scooter charging platform that can easily scale to support thousands of vehicles from any dockless scooter operator. Launching soon in a major US city with a national scooter operator, the company's new solar-powered charging and parking system for dockless electric scooters aims to encourage more convenient, efficient and environmentally-friendly commuter behavior.

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tech Plug and Play Disrupter

50% of all auto trips are less than three miles, yet we all still hop in a car for a solo trip to our destination, creating mass congestion on our roadways.

9 Jun, 2017


Had our big graduation/Demo day at plugandplaytechcenter.com yesterday. Big crowd, got to share the stage with other cool start-ups. Ended up winning by crowd vote for best pitch. Huge honor with the bonus of lots of VC's …

9 Jun, 2017


Solar Powered Electric Bike Installation in Stanford Research Park. Zerox PARC pledges to adopt eBike for employee commutes.

2 May, 2017


Bikeshare systems have exploded across the U.S. in the past decade, and Swiftmile’s solar-powered electric bikeshare program is no exception.

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SwiftMile is tackling the first and last mile problem in transportation. Fifty percent (50%) of most auto trips are less than three miles, and thirty percent (30%) are less than one mile.

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Swiftmile Photobombs lester holt on nightly news

Swiftmile was briefly featured on NBC's "Inside Googles Top Secret Lab" segment.

14 Jun, 2017


Everyday, people commute to work or to university campuses using mass transit. Whether it’s a college or a business campus, reaching the last mile of a commuter’s final destination between transit stops can be daunting.

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Our existing transportation infrastructure is trailing behind the world’s growing population. We’ll need new solutions that enable our society to move towards a sustainable future.

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Presenting Swiftmiles Vision to Palo Alto City council for our eBike Transit System.

5 Oct, 2016


In technology, the term “last mile solution” is synonymous with “challenge”. The last mile is where the leaps and bounds of a technology are grasped by the masses. The promise of broadband, trans-continental internet ...

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We were fortunate to get some nice airplay yesterday on the news.....had some fun with the reporter at the end...they got me back by botching my name with 2 L's and misspelling Swiftmile as "SwitFmile". Really nice lady ...

17 Jan, 2016


SwiftMile is using solar power to help solve the problem so many commuters face -- getting to and from their transit stations without using their cars.

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San Mateo startup demos solar-powered electric
bike-charging stations at VTA headquarters

President and CEO Colin Roche said using e-bikes instead of conventional bikes gives his company an advantage for solving the "last mile" problem of getting commuters from transit stations to their work.

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Colin Roche and Irish president Michael Higgins
talk shop

14 Jun, 2017

Swiftmile wins Verizons Powerful Answers Award.
Beating out 1500 Companies from 78 countries.

Our existing transportation infrastructure is trailing behind the world’s growing population. We’ll need new solutions that enable our society to move towards a sustainable future.

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