Our Vision

Swiftmile was founded with a pirate-like spirit and a lofty goal: become the charging platform of choice for any and all forms of light electric vehicles.

Our Story

The idea of Swiftmile was sparked while one of its founders, Colin Roche, endured a particularly miserable 2014 commute on a clogged Bay Area roadway. Stalled at a gridlocked intersection, he spotted a commuter – fully dressed in work clothes – swiftly and effortlessly cruising past in the congestion-free bike lane on an electric bicycle, a huge smile beaming across his face. Colin wondered to himself, why hadn’t more people discovered this simple-yet-genius solution to end their transportation torture?

The answer was obvious: more vehicles were needed, and they needed to be charged and easily accessible to commuters. An idea was born: why not build a complete on-demand, solar-powered charging and sharing system for electric bikes, scooters, and the vehicles of the future? The concept could get people out of their cars, reduce local traffic, improve air quality, and provide a more efficient, fun and healthier way to get around.

Our vision was quickly validated, as in the first year of our journey we were honored by Verizon with their Powerful Answers Awarda global competition to discover and help bring to market technologies that can address the world’s greatest transportation challenges. More than 1500 entries from companies representing 78 countries had been vying to be recognized. The game was on!

Today, our light electric transit systems are deployed in some of the most forward-thinking cities and innovative companies in the world. We are proud to partner with those that have recognized the need for a more efficient way to move their people around. Of course, with a smile on all their faces!

Swiftmile News