Our Story

Swiftmile was founded with a pirate-like spirit and a lofty goal: to find a simpler and more common-sense approach to solving the first and last mile problem in transportation. We want to be the leading infrastructure provider to the growing personal electric transporter market (PETs). Swiftmile is positioning itself to be the pioneer in providing smart charging networks to enable wide scale adoption of PETS as an alternative to the auto for short distance trips.

First started selling PETS direct out of the back of Colins 99’ VW Eurovan at Events in January 2015

Then things got more busy, had to buy get a bigger boat

Vision soon expanded to offering solar powered charging stations where users can check out using an app. A peer to peer sharing platform for PETS was born!

So we channeled Steve Jobs and got to work in our own garage and started to build things

People took notice.

Then we really got noticed. A one in 12 chance to win $1 million

Now we have multiple different designs to accommodate any Corporation, University, Cities or Multi-family dwellings

Our first installation

Acquired New Mascot, Rocky, (sometimes goes by Rocko on a good day)

Out of 1400 entrants from 78 countries we were fortunate to win 3rd place in Verizons Powerful Answers Award

Our first ribbon cutting with the Mayor