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Solar Powered eBike rental systems for last mile transportation

What is Swiftmile?

We are tackling the first and last mile problem in transportation. 50% of most auto trips are less then 3 miles, 30% less then 1 mile. This leads to traffic, smog, and congestion in urban environments on a global scale. Our Solution: Swiftmile manufactures Personal Electronic Transporter (PET) sharing systems for first, last mile commuters. We help cities, corporations, universities ease congestion, decrease smog and provide a clean and green alternative to autos. Users can locate and rent an eBike or eScooter with the tap of our Swiftapp at any one of our solar powered Swiftstations, then use to get across town or for a quick trip, then return at the same location or another one on the network.

The Problem

50% of all auto trips are less then 3 miles, yet we all still hop in a car for a solo trip to our destination leading to mass congestion on our over-burdened transportation infrastructure.

At the same time sales and usage of Light Electric Vehicles are becoming a more efficient means of first/last mile transportation, yet there is no infrastructure or share system to enable this for mass adoption.

The Solution

Introducing the Swiftmile Swiftstation™
The world's first smart solar powered locking, docking, charging station for PETs

The Swiftstation™ sharing system enables municipalities, corporations, universities and many other enterprises to offer secure, emission free and economical first/last mile transport solutions.

Stations and PETs are connected through our sharing app, which ensures riders have immediate access to and information about the entire Swiftstation network.

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A PET or Personal Electric Transporter is defined as an electric vehicle with 750 watts of power and below and speed of 20 mph and below. In the eyes of the law this means they are considered a bike. No special license, insurance or registration required, making for the perfect, first, last mile solution. Most go about 15-25 miles on a charge and take only a few hours to charge. Best of all they are clean and green and emission free!

Docking Stations

Highly secure, tamper-proof, reinforced steel design. Multiple installation options available to accommodate any environment.

Simple Access

Users simply unlock, ride, and return any e-bike with their mobile phones using our app.

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